Monday, May 2, 2011

Real Momma, Real Style Linky Party!

do you guys follow/read Momma Go Round? cause she's awesome! she does something similar to the Pleated Poppy's WiWW so that's what's doing here today! i've found that it's kind of fun to get all dressed up and take pictures. even if it's not an outfit that's all gussied up and cutesie. such as this one. :) plus, i got a new 'do! just what i needed to break me out of my "mom" funk. please tell me i'm not the only one that, on occasion, feels like, "bleh, i have mom hair, and mom make-up, and mom clothes/style - i need a wake up call!" because while none of those things are bad, per se, i still want to feel fun and spunky, and for me, all the "mom-ness" was holding me back. NO MORE, i tell you!

and dang it, if i didn't remember to clean the stupid mirror again.
i'll add it to my To Do list...

my brother has gotten me hooked on shoes that you don't see everyone wearing
these are some of my favorites
i'm sure you'll be seeing some of the others in future posts :)
i'm straight up HIP HOP, didn't you know??
i took 3 hip hop classes with my friend Sophie a while back
let's just say i wasn't born to be a dancer
not completely lacking in coordination
but i have a hard time remembering which move comes next.
could be an issue if i wanted to dance professionally, no?
it was fun anyway. :)

don't mind my yoga pants hang drying back there...
flood pants = no bueno

new crazy hair!
my girls are always telling me, "mommy, your hair is CUH-RAZY!"
gotta love kids, right? :)

bird shirt: Maddux Couture Boutique
(they ship!!)
watch: Precision Time
necklace: Mother's Day gift from hubs and kiddos 2 years ago
earrings: lia sophia
jeans: American Eagle
shoes: Nike, Park City Outlets

**be on the look out for a GIVE AWAY here soon!!**
hint: who likes SUGAR??? :)

linking up to Momma Go Round :)


Sheena said...

OMG!!!! I LOOOOVE your hair short! WOW! Big change, but you look SO cute!

The BabbyMama said...

For serious, that is some awesome hair!!