Thursday, July 21, 2011


not sure if that's a real word, but that's what my mind came up with :)

i keep saying "i'm not a runner, i just happen to run sometimes"
but at what point do you actually BECOME a runner?

i'm not really sure.

and then i came across this post from Little Miss Momma

and that last line hits home.
scared to death to say it


perhaps not an amazing one by some standards
but a runner nonetheless.

that feels weird to say.
or type, i guess.

this week started my 12 week training program for the half marathon i'll be doing in october.
13.1 miles
i can do that right??

you bet your sweet ba-donk-a-donk i can!
and it's gonna be awesome.

that's buck.

(anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? shout out to Lil' C and his buckness) :)

life right now is buck.
that's not to say that it is without it's drama or issues
but it's super good right now and i'm lovin' it!

and not to turn this into a running journal but just a few things about my run this morning i wanted to remember...

my legs and feet went into 'auto pilot' this morning, keeping me moving while i paid no attention to them but rather to the dance party that was going on in my head
(it was BUMPIN!) :)
i'm not exactly a runner so i didn't know they were even CAPABLE of that!
AND i ran nearly the entire run today!
schwing, schwing!
AND AND my love muffin (aka my muffin top) is NOT loving it
if you can't take the heat, get out the kitchen!!
ooh baby momma, i'm gonna LOVE this body running is creating for me!

now that i got that out, some random pitchas that i looove
and that, for me are buck! :)

my sweet mookie fell asleep right on the floor
love this chubby bubby

lunch with friends that i loooove!
little Laura (she's wearing really tall shoes - she's little itty bitty!), myself, and Brittany
that dirt patch is now laid with concrete for an outdoor eating area at my fave place for lunch, Molly's. mmm!!

the littles after lunch :)
Carter, Luke (Laura's) Mookie, Milee & a pouty Miss

fast friends :)
everyone loves an iphone, right?
they're so cute!

i made this bag for myself after making a similar one for my momma on Mother's day
every time i saw hers i would be jealous and think, "dang. shoulda kept that for myself and made her a different one"
so i made one for me (and will also carry them in the shop soon)
the aloha floral fabric is from my ma's birthmom
love you Grandma!!

it's not really "a thing" i have
like, i don't have "a thing" for mustauches (how in the heck do you spell that??)
i just think they make older men look really handsome and friendly.
like Mr. Elliot here.
or Mr. Quigley in Quigley Down Under (not pictured)
he's like your grandpa that is a cowboy, lives on a ranch
rides a horse, tells you stories on his lap
loves his boots
you know?
that is all. :)

(i can't find where i found this! anyone know where this is from?? sorry!)
i love this vinyl.
i want it somewhere in my house.

and i want this one for my kids' rooms
or maybe the kitchen.
and the bathroom.
heck, and by the door
why not?
it's good to be awesome!

click on this to make it bigger and see my most awesome facial expression
pretty sweet, eh?
i mean buck.
i super dislike water.
actually, i don't like getting my HAIR wet.
water and my hair do not get along so well.
oh the joys of having naturally curly hair... ;)
(h2o + naturally curly locks that are too short to be pulled back = crazy, out of control, frizzy nastiness. boo.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

rivals & a marketplace

if you're from the state of utah, you might know that BYU and UofU have kind of a rivalry going on.
you might know that even if you don't live in utah.

they may or may not have been rivals for several years now. i dunno.

either way, i have a friend that works at UCCU (credit union, for those who don't know) and got my good friend, Melissa, and i in on the running for free! yippee!! :D (thanks, Jeanette!!)

it also happens to be the same day that i will be at an outdoor marketplace in Lindon, UT if you want to stop by and say HELLO as well as score yourself some sweet new Little Mookie duds on SALE!! i'm hoping to not be sweaty and gross, but you get what you get. ;) kidding.

i'm so excited for this marketplace! and my friend, Jeanette, that got us in on the running will be there too with her super cute hats! i want one. we'll be sharing the same booth so maybe i can sweet talk her a bit. ;)

hope to see you there! i'm not SUUUPER scary in real life. promise. :)

what colors to wear for the run...
red for the Utes
blue for the righteous? oops, i mean BYU. :)

totally kidding. i have no ties to either aside from my dad graduated from BYU and 2 of my 3 brothers go there. (one of which owns a Utes hoodie) :)

any ideas for fun ways to dress up??

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pretty baby

when did my baby get so big??
she's always been beautiful, but wow.
i've got the prettiest girls alive!

party is this saturday... pictures will follow. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

it's gonna be a PAR-TAY!!

my baby is turning 6 on wednesday.

SIX. 6. seis snos.

where has the time gone?? :(

i have no pictures right now (cause i was too lazy to give the girls a bath and get them ready to take some) BUT i will! and then i'll post em here so you can see my beautiful girl! there is no momma so proud as me of my babes! (doesn't every momma think that? :) )

Diana of Livy Love created our invites this time around and i flipping LOVE them!!

aren't they so cute!!

we'll be partying it up princess style, ya'll!

i'll have milee's 6 year pictures done this week (hopefully tomorrow so i can get them in the invites, right??) and i'll show ya how cute my baby is. ;)

thanks again, Diana, for creating something perfect for my little princess!
(and her princess sister) ;)

Friday, July 1, 2011

balloons & an outfit

i took my kiddos down to the balloon fest this morning
it starts early
like 6:30 in the am, early

but the girls loved it so it was totally worth it
i always love it, and mookie?
well, he might have been half asleep the whole time

the Vader balloon is new this year
i guess it's pretty popular and it took a lot to get them to Provo this year
see how excited milee is?
yeah, she loved it.
miss is kinda freaking me out
and that's my good friend's little girl there with the red hair
such a cutie!

tonight was also my high school 10 year reunion
i'm old
if you do the math, you can figure out just about how old i really am too
i decided last minute (like today at noon) to go
and i instantly flashed back to that time of life

clammy hands
knot in stomach
feelings of inadequacy
low self esteem

shouldn't be past all that?
ugh. more things to work on

anyway, this is what i wore
i tore apart my closet
bought new things
and ended up wearing stuff i already owned

totally comfy :)
shirt: Maddux Couture Boutique
cami: Downeast
skinnies: American Eagle
wedges: Forever Young in the mall (i think)
necklace: Beehive Bazaar 2ish years ago
i got this shape wear thingy
goes from high waist (like right under my boosums) down to mid thigh
does wonders for my flat boo-tay
had to take a picture
please ignore the dirty mirror

love this necklace
i grew up on the Oregon coast so i love the sand dollar
and the shell, even the surfer (though i don't surf)
reminds me of many a weekend spent camping at the beach with family friends
(Cape Lookout anyone??)

no, this isn't upside down
not really
i guess maybe the camera was since i just bent over to take the picture
either way, i love these wedges
surprisingly not that uncomfortable
and i get a kick out of watching people's double take at my tattoodle there
you're not very subtle, people :)