Monday, July 18, 2011

it's gonna be a PAR-TAY!!

my baby is turning 6 on wednesday.

SIX. 6. seis snos.

where has the time gone?? :(

i have no pictures right now (cause i was too lazy to give the girls a bath and get them ready to take some) BUT i will! and then i'll post em here so you can see my beautiful girl! there is no momma so proud as me of my babes! (doesn't every momma think that? :) )

Diana of Livy Love created our invites this time around and i flipping LOVE them!!

aren't they so cute!!

we'll be partying it up princess style, ya'll!

i'll have milee's 6 year pictures done this week (hopefully tomorrow so i can get them in the invites, right??) and i'll show ya how cute my baby is. ;)

thanks again, Diana, for creating something perfect for my little princess!
(and her princess sister) ;)

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The WholeFamDamily said...

oh man, totally CUTE invitations!! I need to be more freakin' creative with my kids parties AND invitations!! hahaha, i bet it will be wonderful!