Saturday, March 26, 2011

Utah Bloggers Meetup @ Blickenstaff's


have you been there?
it. is. AWESOME!
and this morning, i met up with some really fabulous ladies
for the Utah Bloggers Meetup!

if you weren't there, you truly missed out!
Blickenstaff's is perfect
with candy (including some golden oldies)
and games and toys

and the decor is amazing!
see that train up there??

sooo many things to look at!
including things you don't find just anywhere!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this antique looking lantern!

and i wanted to take this gumball machine home with me...
sadly, it wouldn't fit in my new purse. :(

Brittany (Love Stitched) and I having so much fun!

perhaps a little too much fun...
i look like a freak, i know.
but that little thing was FAST!
and FUN!
(i think the box said 4-14 years old - 28 is close enough, right?)

tiny legs!

smile pretty! you're on camera!

HUGE rocking horse that felt like it was going to buck you off!
and according to our host at Blickenstaff's, Kyle, it's happened before.
yikes! :)

overall, it was an incredible morning with some really fabulous ladies!

(this is Kyle, our super awesome host!)
thanks to April for getting it all set up and to Kyle and Blickenstaff's for hosting it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

walking down memory lane...

while hanging up clothes from the laundry, milee (oldest) asked where my wedding dress was. (ryan may or may not have been complaining about his "lack of closet space" due to my dress being on his side - totally untrue, by the way.) so i dug it out of the dark corner and found a couple other dresses from LOOONG ago as well.

the ONLY dress i ever bought for a dance
and it was the last dance i went to during high school
(senior ball)

choir dress
(timpview a cappella, anyone?)

my babies wearing my cathedral length veil
they liked how it was like a "curtain" if you pulled it around your face

flowy sleeves
LOVED this about my dress
top to bottom


milee was all kinds of excited about this

i look really sick without makeup...
some days i just don't care.
but i DID have a hat on earlier...
it didn't "go" with the dress. :)

and DANG!
i don't remember the dress being THAT snug!
course, i was wearing shape wear on my wedding day...

i'm kinda thinking i should get it cleaned (nope, haven't done it and yes, we've been married for 8 1/2 years) and then have some new bridals done.
just for fun. :)
we'll see.

either way, it was fun remembering how much i LOVED my dress, my groom and my decorations. (yep, that's about it)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


when i first got married, my brother had just gotten home from his mission to Brazil. needing a job, he started working for a company that makes/hangs drapes in church buildings and schools all over the country. when he asked what i wanted him to bring back for me, i said a MAGNET since we had NONE. logical request, right?

well, he no longer works for the company, but i have a fridge FULL of awesome magnets! my bro brought me a magnet from every state he visited or passed thru. (i think only a few of these magnets are actually mine) i love how they're all different! and now some of them are REALLY different cause i have kids. 'nough said, yes? :)

so most are from rob, a few are my own and a few are from my best friend, mom, family friends, etc.

moab, seattle, and baby girl's school schedule are mine.
the rest... are not. :)
i swear i'm missing some...
i'll have to check the girls room.
in the mean time, please ignore the ugly fridge.
we rent a tiny apartment. :)
good times. :)

Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon - THE BESTEST!

i LOVE Big Train Spiced Chai and order it in a 3 1/2lb bag from

it's kind of a strange thing, i know.
but i love em!
and i have a teensy, tiny problem cause i like to keep them some what organized.
the kids don't suffer from the same issue.
at least with the magnets.

anything you inadvertently collect??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i might be crazy

i signed myself up to run the Utah Valley Marathon.
ok, not the whole thing.
just the 5k.
cause i'm new to this whole "running" thing.
and who are we kidding?
i don't RUN.
i JOG.

i think i'll stick with this little guy.
cause there's no. way. that i'm up there with the big dogs
running the whole or even the half marathon.
i'll stick with 3-ish miles and probably die after that.

of course i have been reading this book that has helped me a bit.
i don't get so focused on "holy crap! how much farther!?" and "my lungs are BURNING and about to BURST!"

plus i have my trusty ipod touch which means along with my "running" i also get to have my own personal concert!
complete with dance moves that may or may not cause me to trip and fall on my face mid-stride.
this should be quite the experience.
you should come watch the good times roll! (or fall, trip, mangle, etc.)
scratch that.
i'll make a fool of myself in front of enough people as it is. :)

BUT... i need more songs to run to.
know of any?
good, up beat, fun, sing-along songs?
i tend to "run" a 12 minute mile (see? more like jogging.)
and i like to run to the beat. slow songs throw me off.

anyway, if you know of any or have your favorites
i'd be ever so grateful if you would share the love!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

the BIG BOW purse

this one *might* be my favorite...

oh my goodness.
i've been sewing like a mad woman trying to get these babies done and in the shop!
i still have more (MUCH more) fabric sitting, just WAITING to be transformed into something as beautiful as these purses!

you NEED one of these.
they're just TOO adorable to not have one this spring and summer!

the lining is made of the same fabric as the bow, as is the inside pocket.
(perfect size for an iphone, i might add. or any other phone, i'm sure.)

and isn't Brittany just the cutest!?
it was quite the time we had trying to get pictures taken.
there was a lot of giggling involved by both parties.
and some blushing.
(thanks again, Brittany!)

Friday, March 11, 2011


do you know about the ever-so-fabulous Brittany of Love Stitched?? oh my, she is nothing short of amazing!!

well, she's having a blogiversary party right now
and today is the last day
with a deal you will want to get in on!!!

how does $75
(yep, i said {typed} SEVENTY FIVE)
to her shop sound??


head over here to get yourself entered to win!!