Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i might be crazy

i signed myself up to run the Utah Valley Marathon.
ok, not the whole thing.
just the 5k.
cause i'm new to this whole "running" thing.
and who are we kidding?
i don't RUN.
i JOG.

i think i'll stick with this little guy.
cause there's no. way. that i'm up there with the big dogs
running the whole or even the half marathon.
i'll stick with 3-ish miles and probably die after that.

of course i have been reading this book that has helped me a bit.
i don't get so focused on "holy crap! how much farther!?" and "my lungs are BURNING and about to BURST!"

plus i have my trusty ipod touch which means along with my "running" i also get to have my own personal concert!
complete with dance moves that may or may not cause me to trip and fall on my face mid-stride.
this should be quite the experience.
you should come watch the good times roll! (or fall, trip, mangle, etc.)
scratch that.
i'll make a fool of myself in front of enough people as it is. :)

BUT... i need more songs to run to.
know of any?
good, up beat, fun, sing-along songs?
i tend to "run" a 12 minute mile (see? more like jogging.)
and i like to run to the beat. slow songs throw me off.

anyway, if you know of any or have your favorites
i'd be ever so grateful if you would share the love!!


Anonymous said...

Wow you're amazing! I have some fast songs I use when I was at the gym...long time ago. I'll send them your way.

The WholeFamDamily said...

good for you! a 12 min mile is about where i'm at..on a good day. my SIL wants me to run a half marathon in August, but i'm not holding my breath. if i can even make it to a 5k then i'll be victorious!!
just a few tunes for you *artist is FIRST-then song*

the Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition

Nneka- Hearbeat (awesome song to RUN to, the beat gets going and it's perfectly synced with running, seriously)

Usher-most songs recently

Black Eyed Peas- boom boom pow

Sir Mix Alot- Baby got Back

Neon Trees- Animal
Neon Trees- 1983

Phoenix- Liztomania
Phoenix- 1901

hope some of those help!! good luck!