Monday, March 12, 2012

who's awesome? YOU'RE awesome!

 you know what's awesome?  really good friends.  and while i've known for a long time that i'm blessed with them in my life, i keep getting reminders of it.  and that makes me feel all the more blessed to have them.  one such reminder happened this past weekend and it really meant a lot to Ryan and i.  once again, we stopped and said to each other, "that is so awesome."

story time...
Melissa and i have been friends for a loooooong time.  i'm talkin 18+ years here.  and now, we're also neighbors in the neighborhood we grew up in.  how sweet is that?!  (icing on the cake that my awesome father-in-law is our next door neighbor and backyard neighbors with Melissa and Andy!)  so we all hang out a lot.  they love our kids and the kids love them in return.  we get together for dinner several times a week.  we laugh, have fun, and joke around a lot, so it shouldn't have been a big surprise that friday happened the way it did.

playing Equinox Laser Tag in Lemon Grove, CA

Andy and Ryan's birthdays are only a day apart (plus a few years ;)).  the 8th and the 9th.  so friday we plan to have friends over for dinner and kind of a birthday celebration, but mostly just to hang out and eat good food.
 Ocean Beach, CA -- me, hubs, Andy, Melissa & Tom (Andy's dad)

i got the girls to school and then ran errands with Mookie and Ryan to get last minute stuff for dinner.  we picked up Miss and when we pulled into the driveway, the car died.  DIED.  and not because hubs turned it off.  man.  what a way to spend your birthday, with people coming over for dinner.  sheesh.  needless to say, hubs was stressed and a little cranky.
 Melissa and i, CA -- totally hot in those glasses!  ;)

there's not a lot we can do at that point.  we've got to get things ready for dinner.  hubs borrows his dad's car to pick up Milee from school and then it's time to bbq the chicken.
 me, hubs, Vicki and Tom (Andy's parents) Santee, CA

Andy showed up with his dad in his car and i'm thinking, "why did he drive around the corner when he could have just walked thru the yard?" (their backyard and my FIL's have a gate in the fence that they use when they come over)  and as soon as Andy walks in the house, he hands me the key to his car and says, "i'm leaving my car here for you guys to use until you get your car fixed."  
 Melissa and I (i'm so tough) at Blickenstaffs for Date Night yesterday

wow.  without even asking if we needed the help.  without waiting to see if we'd ask.  he just volunteered his vehicle, willing to walk to work and use Melissa's car when she got home from work.  we really are so blessed to have them in our lives.  without the use of his car, i'd be in a real pickle.  with milee's school and then taking miss to preschool in the next city and picking them both up on time... it could be really difficult.  that's not to say that there aren't others that would be ready and willing to help me out with that, but this way, i feel less like i'm putting someone out for their time to chauffeur my kids and i around all day long.
 Date Night (yesterday) at the Provo Beach Resort -- Skee Ball Tourney!

but it's just like Melissa and Andy to be so willing to help where they can.  and without any thought.  they're always ready to do anything they can to help.  including cleaning my house, taking care of the back yard, gardening, laying new flooring, watching my kids so i could go to the temple while my brother's family was sealed for eternity after Regan's adoption last month, fixing the stupid car....  the list is never ending.
 Hubs set the new high score on Skee Ball last night - 440

so i just wanted to publicly say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to Andy and Melissa for being the kind of friends that some people only dream of having.  we love hanging out with you guys and cherish all the memories we've all made together doing completely random, but meaningful things.  :)  you guys are the best!!
 first set of pictures for our Date Night tradition
photo booth photos at the Provo Beach Resort

i hope that everyone has a "Melissa" or an "Andy" in their life and in case you don't, i hope that you find one. (or two!) or, even better, i hope YOU can BE one to someone else.
 Date Night Tradition - March 10, 2012

count your blessings, friends.  and when you do, i hope among the list are friends that you hold close to your heart.  i am blessed with many, which can be so very rare.  friends and family alike fall into this category for me, and for that i am also grateful.
not sure why this won't rotate, but look how much fun they are!!
they're truly awesome.  :)