Saturday, December 31, 2011


i'm doing it.  i'm taking a page from Just.Lovely.Things and quitting my personal Facebook page.

whew.  it's kinda weird to think that i won't have that connection with people, but really, it's time.  i've been thinking about it for a long long time.  Facebook can be and more often than not, has been, a blackhole for my time.  it's gotta go.

anyway, so my personal one will be gone, but i'm still on there as Little Mookie for my fan page, Little Mookie.  please come over and let's be friends!!  it'll be mostly business which will (hopefully) in turn help me focus more on what i love doing.  sewing.
speaking of sewing... i sewed up something HOT for my hub's bosses for Christmas...
 sexy hotpads!!  

clearly, they both love them.  ;)

i hope you have a wonderful New Year!!  here's hoping i'll be seeing you here more often!!  :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kitchen Floor re-do

Carpeted bathroom, carpeted kitchen. Why not? They're both totally easy to clean if something spilled, right? WRONG. Apparently it was a trend, but no longer!!

The flooring under the carpet and padding was in pretty good condition all things considered. We got foam underlament for the kitchen with all the nails and staples. We pulled most of them out, but some got hammered into the floor as much as possible. So just in case, the underlayment went in. While it's only 1/8 inch thick, I can tell the difference. Walking in the kitchen is ever so slightly more cushy than walking in the bathroom.

We did all of this (kitchen and bathroom) over a weekend and I'm so happy we finally got it done! We talked with the owner about replacing the floors before we moved in but I kept putting it off thinking it was going to cost us (up front( a bunch of money. We're able to take it off the rent, but I was still nervous that it would be costly. Turns out I was wrong! It was only $250 (vinyl planks + underlayment) for both rooms! Yay! Of course, they're both small. The kitchen is a measly 150 sq feet and the bathroom a tiny 20 sq feet, but it worked out really well.

I'm so happy my hubs is handy in so many things and I like working with my hands. Put the two together and we made a pretty good team! We had our neighbors/best friends helping us out too when they had time. I'm not really good at man-handling big appliances. ;) A big thanks to them for all their help in these last minute projects!!

Now if only it would all fit in the garbage can... ;)

Bathroom re-do

Kids. (And adults too I suppose)
A few nights ago, we told the girls to go in and go potty before bed. Next thing we heard was crying from Miss and Milee yelling, "help! The toilet!"  Sure enough, Miss had used too much toilet paper and the toilet was flooding.

Onto the carpeted floor. (This is where the adults come into play) Who carpets a BATHROOM? How does that equal out to being sanitary?? Cause it certainly wasn't now. And I after pulling out the carpet/padding myself, I can personally guarantee that this was not the first time this had happened. Gross.

But at least there was awesome red and cream marbled tiles underneath. What the?? What could they have possibly done to the walls to match?? Oy.

So we laid done some vinyl planks and it's so much better now! And it wasn't nearly as expensive as I had originally thought! Bonus!

Mookie really likes the new floor. :) He just walks in circles, stops to laugh and keeps circling. Silly little dude.

While we were doing the bathroom, we figured we might as well pull up the carpet in the KITCHEN. Seriously? Who does that?? Anyway, pictures to come. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cell phones are dangerous

Poor Mookie.
Little guy was just doing some business on daddy's phone when out of no where, the cupboard handle flew out and smacked him right in the eye!! (See also: not watching where he was going)

I couldn't get the focus working right, but he's got a little cut on his upper lid AND right below his eye.

Little man's been having a rough day like momma.

Still, he's a cutie. :)


I'm trying really hard to be positive today and failing miserably. I've said, "Yes" too many times when I should have said, "Sorry, I don't have the time right now." It's all piling up and seriously threatening to tumble over on top of me.

Possibly the one that will cause the blow up was last night when the toilet overflowed because my girls use (aka waste) too much toilet paper. Did I mention the bathroom is CARPETED??  The only thing I can say is that it's an old house that had old people living in it. And apparently they like carpet A LOT because the kitchen and back porch are also covered in the stuff. *sigh*

So now we're looking into tearing out the bathroom carpet (and kitchen) and putting down vinyl flooring. Not a big deal really, but it's just one more thing to do that I don't have time for, ya know?

Anyway, so I'm stressed. And while I really want to freak out, I know it will all work out eventually. And I know there's someone I can always count on, always turn to, always rely on and I know He's helping me even when I don't really deserve it.

In the mean time, Mookie is having a bad day as well. Crying over nothing, not really napping. My girls - my sweet, precious girls - are trying their darnedest to keep him happy and laughing for me. Love them. I mean, look at that face. Is she not so adorable?? I am truly blessed even when I feel like I'm drowning.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm sewing up a bunch of bow tie necklaces from my latest GroopDealz offer and listening to Mr. Bieber. My right foot is having a hard time keeping steady pressure on the foot pedal while my other leg is bouncing along to the beat of every song. I tend to sing along (my lucky kids get to listen aaaaaaaall day long) which only adds to my lack of focus. But what do you do when you work better with music?? Nothing. Just jam out like nobody's watching!! And I do just that. :) Pretty or not, it happens every day.

Random thought - Justin Bieber collaborating with Busts Rhymes on Drummer Boy was a surprise. And I likes it. ;)

Favorite music to jam out to??

Afton Jean Charity

If you don't happen to already follow NoBiggie, you definitely should.  Hers is a story that is truly touching and  beautiful but also tragic.  When little Afton Jean was born 3 1/2 months early, they knew it would be a challenge.  After 7 days with this beautiful angel, Afton returned to her Heavenly Father.

Brittany over at Love Stitched knew she wanted to help in some way and so the Afton Jean Charity was born.  All of the proceeds from the shop will go to the Bigler Family to help cover the medical and funeral expenses.

Groopdealz and I Am Momma Hear Me Roar have graciously jumped up to help as well!  Right now on Groopdealz, you can get a beautiful jpeg download for just $2.  Instructions on how to make it into a 2x3' wall mount can be found here...

All of the proceeds from this deal go to the Bigler family as well. 

During this season, we can all do something for someone in need.  This is such an easy, simple way to make a big difference for a family.  Just $2 isn't much for just one person, but if we all share the information and link, together we can help in a big, big way.

Hug your babies tight.  
Be slow to anger.  
Tell them you love them, OFTEN.