Friday, December 9, 2011


I'm trying really hard to be positive today and failing miserably. I've said, "Yes" too many times when I should have said, "Sorry, I don't have the time right now." It's all piling up and seriously threatening to tumble over on top of me.

Possibly the one that will cause the blow up was last night when the toilet overflowed because my girls use (aka waste) too much toilet paper. Did I mention the bathroom is CARPETED??  The only thing I can say is that it's an old house that had old people living in it. And apparently they like carpet A LOT because the kitchen and back porch are also covered in the stuff. *sigh*

So now we're looking into tearing out the bathroom carpet (and kitchen) and putting down vinyl flooring. Not a big deal really, but it's just one more thing to do that I don't have time for, ya know?

Anyway, so I'm stressed. And while I really want to freak out, I know it will all work out eventually. And I know there's someone I can always count on, always turn to, always rely on and I know He's helping me even when I don't really deserve it.

In the mean time, Mookie is having a bad day as well. Crying over nothing, not really napping. My girls - my sweet, precious girls - are trying their darnedest to keep him happy and laughing for me. Love them. I mean, look at that face. Is she not so adorable?? I am truly blessed even when I feel like I'm drowning.

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abby said...

you're awesome leslie. i've had those kind of days too lately. but i'm pretty happy for you that you get to tear up the carpet! yahoo! (i know it's stressful, but still!)