Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm sewing up a bunch of bow tie necklaces from my latest GroopDealz offer and listening to Mr. Bieber. My right foot is having a hard time keeping steady pressure on the foot pedal while my other leg is bouncing along to the beat of every song. I tend to sing along (my lucky kids get to listen aaaaaaaall day long) which only adds to my lack of focus. But what do you do when you work better with music?? Nothing. Just jam out like nobody's watching!! And I do just that. :) Pretty or not, it happens every day.

Random thought - Justin Bieber collaborating with Busts Rhymes on Drummer Boy was a surprise. And I likes it. ;)

Favorite music to jam out to??


abby said...

i still haven't fallen victim to the biebs. i'm sure it will happen one of these days...

Aimee said...

bieber huh.... :( I feel sad