Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kitchen Floor re-do

Carpeted bathroom, carpeted kitchen. Why not? They're both totally easy to clean if something spilled, right? WRONG. Apparently it was a trend, but no longer!!

The flooring under the carpet and padding was in pretty good condition all things considered. We got foam underlament for the kitchen with all the nails and staples. We pulled most of them out, but some got hammered into the floor as much as possible. So just in case, the underlayment went in. While it's only 1/8 inch thick, I can tell the difference. Walking in the kitchen is ever so slightly more cushy than walking in the bathroom.

We did all of this (kitchen and bathroom) over a weekend and I'm so happy we finally got it done! We talked with the owner about replacing the floors before we moved in but I kept putting it off thinking it was going to cost us (up front( a bunch of money. We're able to take it off the rent, but I was still nervous that it would be costly. Turns out I was wrong! It was only $250 (vinyl planks + underlayment) for both rooms! Yay! Of course, they're both small. The kitchen is a measly 150 sq feet and the bathroom a tiny 20 sq feet, but it worked out really well.

I'm so happy my hubs is handy in so many things and I like working with my hands. Put the two together and we made a pretty good team! We had our neighbors/best friends helping us out too when they had time. I'm not really good at man-handling big appliances. ;) A big thanks to them for all their help in these last minute projects!!

Now if only it would all fit in the garbage can... ;)

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Aimee said...

Both rooms look awesome.