Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bathroom re-do

Kids. (And adults too I suppose)
A few nights ago, we told the girls to go in and go potty before bed. Next thing we heard was crying from Miss and Milee yelling, "help! The toilet!"  Sure enough, Miss had used too much toilet paper and the toilet was flooding.

Onto the carpeted floor. (This is where the adults come into play) Who carpets a BATHROOM? How does that equal out to being sanitary?? Cause it certainly wasn't now. And I after pulling out the carpet/padding myself, I can personally guarantee that this was not the first time this had happened. Gross.

But at least there was awesome red and cream marbled tiles underneath. What the?? What could they have possibly done to the walls to match?? Oy.

So we laid done some vinyl planks and it's so much better now! And it wasn't nearly as expensive as I had originally thought! Bonus!

Mookie really likes the new floor. :) He just walks in circles, stops to laugh and keeps circling. Silly little dude.

While we were doing the bathroom, we figured we might as well pull up the carpet in the KITCHEN. Seriously? Who does that?? Anyway, pictures to come. :)

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