Saturday, December 31, 2011


i'm doing it.  i'm taking a page from Just.Lovely.Things and quitting my personal Facebook page.

whew.  it's kinda weird to think that i won't have that connection with people, but really, it's time.  i've been thinking about it for a long long time.  Facebook can be and more often than not, has been, a blackhole for my time.  it's gotta go.

anyway, so my personal one will be gone, but i'm still on there as Little Mookie for my fan page, Little Mookie.  please come over and let's be friends!!  it'll be mostly business which will (hopefully) in turn help me focus more on what i love doing.  sewing.
speaking of sewing... i sewed up something HOT for my hub's bosses for Christmas...
 sexy hotpads!!  

clearly, they both love them.  ;)

i hope you have a wonderful New Year!!  here's hoping i'll be seeing you here more often!!  :)


Aimee said...

I quit my Facebook maybe a year ago and it felt great. I love the hot pads. I need to order some. There's a few things I'd like to order come to think of it. You're amazing

Andy & Melissa VanDenover said...

I have to say I'm insanely jealous of Matt's set of "HOT" pads!!!