Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just turned 29 in December and I'm only just beginning to figure out who I am and what "my style" is. I've always played it safe, wearing what most everyone else was wearing. Trying to blend in. Trying to disappear.

Well no longer!

I find that while I still enjoy styles that most wear and that don't stand way out, I do like to have ONE thing that does. Bright colored shoes. Or bright socks over skinny jeans with boots. A crazy watch. Crazy shirt. That type of thing. And I kinda like it being "my thing." So that I'm not JUST like my friends or anyone else. Just ME. The saying goes that "imitation is the highest form of flattery" (or something like that) but it mostly just drives me nuts. So in general, and thanks to inspiration from my older bro, I try to choose things based on if I think very many others would wear it. Obviously I won't be THE. ONLY. ONE. wearing said article, but in the group of friends I hang out with, I'd like it to be. I dunno, I'm weird like that.

So a while ago I got some awesome fabric from my grandma. The picture shown is some of what I received. Not really my style when I got it but I figured I might come up with something so I've been saving it. In an effort to decrease my cluttered fabric bin/piles, I've been wrapping it all on homemade fabric bolts made of foam core board cut to 7.5x20 or 22". Fabulous. So I'm wrapping this fabric tonight thinking, "this could be a really cute, flowy skirt" when my hubs says, "Wow. That is really hideous fabric." Hey!! With my newish form of style thinking, it could actually work really well. I should also mention that I don't like being told that either I CAN'T do something, or that I HAVE TO do something. My mind instantly says, "Wanna bet!?" And I go the complete opposite of what I was told. Hubs' comment makes me REALLY want to make something dead sexy with this fabric. I'm not sure what it is exactly. Its quite soft and really drapey. Probably a nightmare to iron. Seems like it wrinkles easily.

I'm thinking high waisted (or thereabouts), hitting just at the knee, and full-ish. Like I said, its got excellent flow to it and I probably have 3 +/- yards of it. We shall see!!

So what do YOU think? Could it be HIP? Or is it HIDEOUS?


Aimee said...

I have no sense of style. It looks like it should be on an old women's chair, but you did say it came from your grandma. But then again if anyone can make it work it would be you

Marci said...

fabric like that is totally in style for clothes....and so are thrift store goodies so i think you would be hip as all get out! plus you could carry anything off!!

Anonymous said...

lol,I am just figuring out my style too...and really if I would have just paid attention to myself all these years I might have saved myself a lot of head banging into the wall!

I love the floral so that fabric is right up my alley. The first thing that came to my mind is an incredible clutch with a great accent colored ruffle on it somewhere.

I'm reaching more into my style too and plan to do a few drastic things...will keep you posted! ;)

abby said...

we forgot to discuss this. i wish i had seen it in person but i think it is totally HIP. go for it!

p.s. and thank you again for being my hair magician!