Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 that's right!
i'm having a SALE, baby!
 i always find a need to clean things out
when i'm getting ready to go somewhere
 and since i'm prepping for 10.  WHOLE.  DAYS.
of vacation without my babies
just me and my hubs (swoon!)
the need to clean out some things has hit me.
lucky you!!
 so from now until Tuesday, February 7th
everything i have READY TO SHIP in the shop
is 40% off!!
just use code: CLEANUP at checkout
 there are limited quantities on everything listed
and when i get back from vacation, my next "To Do"
is work on my NEW shop, Miss Mookie
it's been a loooooong time coming with a lot of help and direction
from one of my most cherished friends and i can't wait to dedicate some real time to it!
 so head on over to the shop and find yourself some fun goodies!
everything will ship before i leave on the 10th!!
perfect for Valentine's Day!

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