Monday, February 28, 2011

Starbucks Knock Off

ooh, they are TASTY!!
mmm, mmm, good!

and here's how you can make your own without paying $4+ every time you want one!
(and let's be honest, once you try it, you'll want another one)

you will need: apple juice (MOTTS is the best), cinnamon syrup (my best friend got it for me from starbucks), cocomotion (or cocolatte or just heat up the juice on the stove or in the microwave), whip cream (the canned kind is easy but homemade would be awesome!) and caramel syrup (i LOVE this butterscotch caramel... SO good!)

pour one cup (8 oz) of apple juice into your cocomotion
(it works so well for this as well as hot chocolate or my favorite, spiced chai)
there are other machines out there that do basically the same thing, you just need to heat up the juice.

add 2 tablespoons of the cinnamon syrup
(there has to be a way to MAKE this syrup, i just haven't taken the time to look for a recipe)

turn it on and watch her go!
the great thing about the cocomotion is that it heats and froths the liquid.
for me, it's perfect because it makes it "sipping" temperature.
you know when it's just barely too hot that you have to sip your drink?
that's just how i like it. :)

i got this milk frother at IKEA for $4-5 i think.
pretty sure it would do the same thing after the juice was heated either on the stove or in the microwave.
just a thought.

while you've got the juice heating, gether the other yummies together and a cup.
i got this kind of disposable cups with lids at target for $4ish bucks. 32 of them. not to bad.

when it's ready, the machine turns off and it looks like this.
look at that awesome foam!!
and ooh, if only your screen were a scratch-and-sniff... it smells heavenly!

pour into your cup/mug of choice and top with whip cream.
(i love when they ask you at the cafe, "do you want whip cream on that?" is that a serious question??? OF COURSE i want whip cream!)
top that baby off with a drizzle of caramel sauce!
or in my case, butterscotch caramel, and i'm tellin ya - AWESOME!

add a lid and you've got one delicious drink ready to go, keeping your insides warm and happy!

enjoy!! :)
(i know i do! almost every night...)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

an apology... and a DISCOUNT!!

sorry friends. i'm still trying to figure out the balance of life, kids, the shop and trying to learn to love running. (which isn't happening very quickly if we're being honest) BUT, i did finally get a handful of things listed new in the shop tonight!! AND because i've been so slow at getting things done, i'm offering 10% off everything until tuesday night at 10p mst!! yay! so head on over, find something you love and i'll get it right out to ya! thanks for hanging in there with me! :)new checkbook covers for YOU!!

onesies for your little dude
found HERE

and criss cross bibs!
found HERE

Friday, February 11, 2011

hot diggity!

have you heard of mel{v} and her amazing camera strap covers??? if not, check her out!
Brittany of Love Stitched just so happens to be doing a give away right to to win that gorgeous strap you see up there. i just so happened to have ordered that very strap this morning (which i and TOTALLY excited about!) and if i'm lucky enough to win another one... YIPPEE! :)

YOU should enter to win it too! nothing like helping your friends score something totally awesome, too! (and we're friends, right?) :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

linky party!

i've never done one of these so i sure hope i'm doing it right! :) and if not, well, the pictures are just for you then. :) I put my little memory card thingy into the adaptor we have for it and it had 564 pictures on it! holy smokes! i like to take pictures, what can i say. :) anyway, go HERE to link up!

here we go...

turkey's bear likes to eat at Molly's.
(LOVE that place!)

another love... Big Train Spiced Chai from the Nords Cafe.

my favorite pair of shoes.
they are also Nike hi-tops in black and melon.

sideways - how annoying.
HOWEVER, ooh, he's sexy!
that's my MAN!
mmm, mmm, mmm!

KISS! light show on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

i LOVE cool shoes!
(you know, the kinds you don't see EVERYONE wearing... ever seen these on someone?? I don't think so!)
not to mention that they are SEE THRU on the sides there... how cool is that???

the ORIGINAL little mookie.
love this boy!

see?? more shoes.
i have issues.
no, i do not want to fix them. :)

whatcha got on YOUR phone???
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

pardon my absence...

i'm busy celebrating the life of this little sweetie
our little turkey
she'll be 4 on tuesday but we're having a party tomorrow!
we sure love our little miss!!
thanks for choosing us to be your family, miss!
we love you so so SO much!

Friday, February 4, 2011


ok. here in utah it's flippin' COLD. i'm talking FRIGID here. (at least it is to me. i woke up to a temperature of 6 degrees yesterday! yuck.) and what better to protect your neck from the elements than an awesome COWL??? i'm thinking nothing. and a cute one to boot!

(see??? you want one now too, huh? isn't she so cute!)
head on over to Love Stitched now to enter to win one from Sarah at Peacefully Hooked! (she lives in Rexburg, ID - she knows the meaning of COLD.) or don't. i really, really, REALLY want to win one! :)(Brittany @ Love Stitched - love her! LOVE that cowl!)
i'm tellin' ya. i NEED one! if i don't win.... i may just have to buy one. i may have to buy one for extra entries and then win another one in a different color! hmm... :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

just listed!

(ok, so these headbands aren't new, but these sweet pictures of my girls are!)

check all of these babies out in my shop! :)