Wednesday, March 23, 2011


when i first got married, my brother had just gotten home from his mission to Brazil. needing a job, he started working for a company that makes/hangs drapes in church buildings and schools all over the country. when he asked what i wanted him to bring back for me, i said a MAGNET since we had NONE. logical request, right?

well, he no longer works for the company, but i have a fridge FULL of awesome magnets! my bro brought me a magnet from every state he visited or passed thru. (i think only a few of these magnets are actually mine) i love how they're all different! and now some of them are REALLY different cause i have kids. 'nough said, yes? :)

so most are from rob, a few are my own and a few are from my best friend, mom, family friends, etc.

moab, seattle, and baby girl's school schedule are mine.
the rest... are not. :)
i swear i'm missing some...
i'll have to check the girls room.
in the mean time, please ignore the ugly fridge.
we rent a tiny apartment. :)
good times. :)

Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon - THE BESTEST!

i LOVE Big Train Spiced Chai and order it in a 3 1/2lb bag from

it's kind of a strange thing, i know.
but i love em!
and i have a teensy, tiny problem cause i like to keep them some what organized.
the kids don't suffer from the same issue.
at least with the magnets.

anything you inadvertently collect??

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