Friday, March 25, 2011

walking down memory lane...

while hanging up clothes from the laundry, milee (oldest) asked where my wedding dress was. (ryan may or may not have been complaining about his "lack of closet space" due to my dress being on his side - totally untrue, by the way.) so i dug it out of the dark corner and found a couple other dresses from LOOONG ago as well.

the ONLY dress i ever bought for a dance
and it was the last dance i went to during high school
(senior ball)

choir dress
(timpview a cappella, anyone?)

my babies wearing my cathedral length veil
they liked how it was like a "curtain" if you pulled it around your face

flowy sleeves
LOVED this about my dress
top to bottom


milee was all kinds of excited about this

i look really sick without makeup...
some days i just don't care.
but i DID have a hat on earlier...
it didn't "go" with the dress. :)

and DANG!
i don't remember the dress being THAT snug!
course, i was wearing shape wear on my wedding day...

i'm kinda thinking i should get it cleaned (nope, haven't done it and yes, we've been married for 8 1/2 years) and then have some new bridals done.
just for fun. :)
we'll see.

either way, it was fun remembering how much i LOVED my dress, my groom and my decorations. (yep, that's about it)

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Carrian said...

haha I totally need to pull out my dress and see how it looks. Loved meeting you today, and I can't wait to see some more from you!