Wednesday, July 20, 2011

rivals & a marketplace

if you're from the state of utah, you might know that BYU and UofU have kind of a rivalry going on.
you might know that even if you don't live in utah.

they may or may not have been rivals for several years now. i dunno.

either way, i have a friend that works at UCCU (credit union, for those who don't know) and got my good friend, Melissa, and i in on the running for free! yippee!! :D (thanks, Jeanette!!)

it also happens to be the same day that i will be at an outdoor marketplace in Lindon, UT if you want to stop by and say HELLO as well as score yourself some sweet new Little Mookie duds on SALE!! i'm hoping to not be sweaty and gross, but you get what you get. ;) kidding.

i'm so excited for this marketplace! and my friend, Jeanette, that got us in on the running will be there too with her super cute hats! i want one. we'll be sharing the same booth so maybe i can sweet talk her a bit. ;)

hope to see you there! i'm not SUUUPER scary in real life. promise. :)

what colors to wear for the run...
red for the Utes
blue for the righteous? oops, i mean BYU. :)

totally kidding. i have no ties to either aside from my dad graduated from BYU and 2 of my 3 brothers go there. (one of which owns a Utes hoodie) :)

any ideas for fun ways to dress up??


Marci said...

yay! so excited that you will be joining us on that day!
and that you get to run...i guess that's exciting?!? :D

Andy & Melissa VanDenover said...

I can't wait for our run.... And as for the dressing up.... I'm so serious about what we decided last night..... I can't wait to see how our shirts turn out!!!

Jeanette said...

I'm thinking it will be a great day! And no girl, you won't be sweaty--I'm requesting that you go home, get showered and dolled up, then join me at Marci's wonderful abode! We are going to have a great time!

Leslie said...

@Marci - the run is exciting because i can use all the practice i can get! i'm training for a half marathon in october. :) super excited for the marketplace!!

@melissa - yep, i'm down! we're so clever! people won't know what hit them!

@Jeanette - i will certainly shower. :) you DO have to be with me all day and i wouldn't want to kill you with my awesome sweaty/stinky/grossness. ;) or anyone else for that matter! plus, i'm too vain to not shower and get ready. :)