Thursday, July 21, 2011

that's buck.

(anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? shout out to Lil' C and his buckness) :)

life right now is buck.
that's not to say that it is without it's drama or issues
but it's super good right now and i'm lovin' it!

and not to turn this into a running journal but just a few things about my run this morning i wanted to remember...

my legs and feet went into 'auto pilot' this morning, keeping me moving while i paid no attention to them but rather to the dance party that was going on in my head
(it was BUMPIN!) :)
i'm not exactly a runner so i didn't know they were even CAPABLE of that!
AND i ran nearly the entire run today!
schwing, schwing!
AND AND my love muffin (aka my muffin top) is NOT loving it
if you can't take the heat, get out the kitchen!!
ooh baby momma, i'm gonna LOVE this body running is creating for me!

now that i got that out, some random pitchas that i looove
and that, for me are buck! :)

my sweet mookie fell asleep right on the floor
love this chubby bubby

lunch with friends that i loooove!
little Laura (she's wearing really tall shoes - she's little itty bitty!), myself, and Brittany
that dirt patch is now laid with concrete for an outdoor eating area at my fave place for lunch, Molly's. mmm!!

the littles after lunch :)
Carter, Luke (Laura's) Mookie, Milee & a pouty Miss

fast friends :)
everyone loves an iphone, right?
they're so cute!

i made this bag for myself after making a similar one for my momma on Mother's day
every time i saw hers i would be jealous and think, "dang. shoulda kept that for myself and made her a different one"
so i made one for me (and will also carry them in the shop soon)
the aloha floral fabric is from my ma's birthmom
love you Grandma!!

it's not really "a thing" i have
like, i don't have "a thing" for mustauches (how in the heck do you spell that??)
i just think they make older men look really handsome and friendly.
like Mr. Elliot here.
or Mr. Quigley in Quigley Down Under (not pictured)
he's like your grandpa that is a cowboy, lives on a ranch
rides a horse, tells you stories on his lap
loves his boots
you know?
that is all. :)

(i can't find where i found this! anyone know where this is from?? sorry!)
i love this vinyl.
i want it somewhere in my house.

and i want this one for my kids' rooms
or maybe the kitchen.
and the bathroom.
heck, and by the door
why not?
it's good to be awesome!

click on this to make it bigger and see my most awesome facial expression
pretty sweet, eh?
i mean buck.
i super dislike water.
actually, i don't like getting my HAIR wet.
water and my hair do not get along so well.
oh the joys of having naturally curly hair... ;)
(h2o + naturally curly locks that are too short to be pulled back = crazy, out of control, frizzy nastiness. boo.)

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The WholeFamDamily said...

lol! i love the facial expression ;D and it IS good to be awesome, your upbeatness lately is CATCHY!! gonna get my running shoes in the mail in a few days and i will start my training on MONDAY, EEEK!!