Friday, July 1, 2011

balloons & an outfit

i took my kiddos down to the balloon fest this morning
it starts early
like 6:30 in the am, early

but the girls loved it so it was totally worth it
i always love it, and mookie?
well, he might have been half asleep the whole time

the Vader balloon is new this year
i guess it's pretty popular and it took a lot to get them to Provo this year
see how excited milee is?
yeah, she loved it.
miss is kinda freaking me out
and that's my good friend's little girl there with the red hair
such a cutie!

tonight was also my high school 10 year reunion
i'm old
if you do the math, you can figure out just about how old i really am too
i decided last minute (like today at noon) to go
and i instantly flashed back to that time of life

clammy hands
knot in stomach
feelings of inadequacy
low self esteem

shouldn't be past all that?
ugh. more things to work on

anyway, this is what i wore
i tore apart my closet
bought new things
and ended up wearing stuff i already owned

totally comfy :)
shirt: Maddux Couture Boutique
cami: Downeast
skinnies: American Eagle
wedges: Forever Young in the mall (i think)
necklace: Beehive Bazaar 2ish years ago
i got this shape wear thingy
goes from high waist (like right under my boosums) down to mid thigh
does wonders for my flat boo-tay
had to take a picture
please ignore the dirty mirror

love this necklace
i grew up on the Oregon coast so i love the sand dollar
and the shell, even the surfer (though i don't surf)
reminds me of many a weekend spent camping at the beach with family friends
(Cape Lookout anyone??)

no, this isn't upside down
not really
i guess maybe the camera was since i just bent over to take the picture
either way, i love these wedges
surprisingly not that uncomfortable
and i get a kick out of watching people's double take at my tattoodle there
you're not very subtle, people :)


abby said...

i love your outfit! gorgeous! was it fun? that stuff makes me queasy too.

Kight Family said...

I didn't go to mine because there was no one I wanted to see and I didn't have a super hot and sexy outfit like you!!!!!!

You look amazing and love the shoes!!!!!

Kera said...

hi!!!!! i'm a terrible blogger and friend right now, so sorry that this is late, but i wanted to say thanks for your hilarious comment and here i am finally! abby sends her love and i will see you around. xx boobs fo' life!