Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a bag for Ma

hey friends!!
remember when Mother's Day was a while ago?
and i never posted what i did for my own momma?


so here we are!!

my mom is a busy busy woman.
she's almost always doing some kind of work
or church thing
so i made her a bag to hold all of the things she needs (or doesn't need)

i'll admit it ended up being a bit larger than i thought it would, but it worked out perfectly for her. :)

see all this stuff?
and plenty of room to spare!

so i took it all out to show just what exactly (and how much) she fits in there ;)

little mookie business cards of course!
cause she's the BEST like that!
(made by my friend Sheena)

i spy...
  • flat wallet
  • phone
  • 2 Trivani lotions
  • sunglasses
  • ipod case
  • ipod & headphones
  • change purse (cone shaped beads thing)
  • Excedrin
  • make-up roll
  • books
  • necklace
  • pair of earrings
  • lipstick case
  • 9 other lip products (let's be prepared!)
  • mp3 music player
  • loose keys
  • straw wrappers
  • loose change
  • floss
  • pink polka dot card holder
  • little mookie business cards
  • watch
  • makeup
  • pile of receipts
  • car keys
  • work keys
  • hair elastic
  • phone cord for computer charging
holy smokes right?
she has it all and is always prepared. :)

i made it with some fake alligator print shiny stuff.
smelled weird at first but a nothing a little Febreze didn't fix when sprayed on the the felty back side of it.
it has 2 interior pockets and an outside one that you can see her car key hanging out of in that last picture.

like i said, kinda big, but it would be perfect for going to the beach, the pool, carrying entertainment items for your kids (or yourself) on a plane, to a parade, to the park, etc.

it also has nice wide straps to lessen shoulder fatigue while carrying around any and everything you can think of. :)

my Ma loves hers and uses it every day!!

love my Ma!!


Mistakenly Misunderstood said...

I love it! Your Ma sure is lucky!

Andy & Melissa VanDenover said...

It turned out SO CUTE!!! I may need one! :)