Friday, May 6, 2011

Blickenstaff's **give away closed**

this is the place where you can take your kids, your parents and your grand parents and find the candy that each of you loved growing up! and possibly find a new favorite! my favorite from back in the day (and let's be honest, still my favorite) ZOTZ!! i love the fizzy stuff in the middle. :)

a whole table covered in vintage candies!

i want to get one of each of these just to try them all.

if you know me, you know how i love a good moustache. :)
something about them just says "handsome" "old timey" and "kind"
like your grandpa. on a horse.
think sam elliot. quigley down under.
i always get made fun of, and it's fine. :)

holy jaw breaker!!
i remember getting these (but in the much smaller size) after i had saved my money and licking it until my tongue bled. and it always did. good times. :)

Caitlin from Cait Create
we were twinners :)
purple cardi, skinnies, and black boots :)
great minds, right?

not only does Blickenstaff's sell candy, but they sell toys too!!
both vintage and current
i want this little Rody Pony for mookie.
you pump them up with more air as your child grows and they bounce around, learning balance and coordination while being adorable and cute at the same time. :)

they even have a photo booth!!

all the beautiful ladies and Kyle, our host :)

be sure to check out Kyle's blog too!!
Liken 365

Kyle and his friend submitted a video to be on the Amazing Race!! I hope they make it! :)
their video is hilarious!

and now, the give away!!

i was generously given a $20 gift card to Blickenstaff's for one of my readers!!
secretly (maybe not so secretly anymore) i want to keep it for myself... ;)

so here's how to enter!

1. become a public follower of Little Mookie

2. "like" little mookie on facebook

3. "like" Blickenstaff's on facebook

4. blog, tweet, or facebook about this give away

leave a comment for each thing you do and i'll choose a winner next Friday!
(May 13, 2011)


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