Monday, May 2, 2011

Brand to Blogger

ok guys and gals!
(are there any guys out there reading??)
here we are!

the FIRST of 4 posts from the awesome
event from saturday, april 30th.

let me reiterate - AWESOME!!
it was SO. MUCH. FUN!!
i went with my friend, Caitlin of Cait Create and met some new friends as well!

as for the posts, let's begin at the end - LUNCH!!
it doesn't get much better than food for me.
what can i say, i'm ruled by my stomach.

find them on Facebook, too!

ok, i took my little point and shoot camera so this isn't the best picture ever
it reads:
"For every meal we sell, we will donate a nutritious meal to orphans in Malawi Africa."

that right there makes me want to eat there every day!
how awesome is that!?

it is beautiful inside!
glass all around so you can SEE how your food is being made
unless you blink and miss it because they are FAST!
from the time we walked in until the time they brought out 20 pizzas (salads already on the tables) was 8 minutes and 43 seconds!
try finding a pizza joint that is so quick!
(little ceasar's doesn't count)

the food went quickly.
not only were we a group of hungry women,
but the food was absolutely delicious!!

all of the pizzas are made with healthier ingredients.
some of them have fewer calories in the entire pizza than that of ONE SLICE of your average pizza!
isn't that crazy?!
kinda makes me never want to eat any other kind again!
not pictured (i told ya it went quickly, but who are we kidding? i was stuffing my face! no time for pictures!! hahaha!) we had the 5 different salads, 20 different pizzas, dessert pizzas and baked macaroni and cheese.

seriously awesome.

oh, i was in food heaven!

if you want to visit food heaven too, head on over to Malawi's Pizza in Provo at the Shops at the Riverwoods. you will not be sorry you made the trip!
they're family/kid friendly, too!
especially with how fast they are to get food out!

i can't wait to take my own family there!!

**don't forget to stay tuned for the giveaway happening here soon!!**

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Carrian said...

YUM!!!!!!! I wanna try it!!