Friday, May 6, 2011

Circle Skirts

remember back in march when i did my groopdealz offer? and then remember how i only sold 8 of this denim one?? ok, maybe i didn't tell anyone that, BUT i had gotten a BUNCH of fabric for the ruffles and after the deal was done, i was left with all this yellow and white striped shirting material.

guess what colors we did for easter??? YELLOW AND WHITE STRIPES!! :)

and of course i put it off until the very last moment possible. the morning of easter, i got up and 9a and was sewing until 1p (we have church at 2). in that time, i made circle skirts my girls, bow ties for my mookie and hubs and a brooch for myself. these skirts are SO easy!!

they are perfect for twirling!

my girls are sassy

you can find the tutorial for the skirts HERE.
she has so many tutorials that i'm excited to try this summer!

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