Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let's Play Pretend!

my girl Brittany over at Love Stitched is playing pretend today so i thought i'd join her.

i love this game!! :)

i'm pretending i cleaned the bathroom today.
or this week.
(i hate cleaning the bathroom)

pretending i made more than a pb sandwich for Miss for lunch today.
and cleaned up after myself.
(still sitting there, and that's all she asked for)

pretending i don't need to go grocery shopping.
and that i cleaned out the fridge recently.

pretending all my orders are done and ready to ship
(working on those right now!!)
and that all my crafting stuff had some kind of organization to it.
and that i have a room to put it all rather than in the kitchen.
yay for apartment living!! not.
pretending the dishes are all clean and put away.
and that the dishwasher is empty.
and that the iron and ironing board aren't in the kitchen.

pretending that this isn't the daily entertainment for my kiddos.
i hate this one.

pretending this isn't how my kids' room looks EVERY. DAY.
weird how they can't ever find anything and then throw a fit about it??
uh huh.

who else wants to play?
what are YOU pretending today??

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