Friday, May 6, 2011

Called to Surf

Called to Surf - one of my new favorite stores!! (seriously, i have a weakness for Volcom and old, vinatgey lanterns - they have both!)

designed and built to look like a pier (using wood from the great salt lake even!), Called to Surf carries swim wear, clothing, and shoes for men, women and kids! they specialize in modest swim wear for girls - some of it made specifically for Called to Surf only. are you here for school?? be ready to hit the water when you get home by shopping ahead of time!! Called to Surf has everything you need! including rash guards! the real ones! :)

love this lantern!!
and see the shoes in the back ground?
you won't find most of these anywhere else!

i love a good moustache!

Diana of Livy Love catching a wave :)

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