Friday, May 6, 2011

Provo Beach Resort

have you been down to check this place out?? it's awesome! my family and i will definitely be visiting this summer! when it's really hot outside, we'll be playing INSIDE where they have 15 ac units going! oh yeah!

so just like the other stores we visited, Provo Beach Resort is down in the Shops at the Riverwoods in Provo. they have such an amazing set up! one of the best in the country even! (and that's not just my own humble opinion.)

downstairs on the main level they have load-and-go cards for ticket games (and no more lugging around arm fulls of tickets - they load to your card!!) and a counter FULL of prizes just waiting to be redeemed! they also have food, a carousel, a toddlers only play area, stage for shows, pine wood derby racing (birthday party!!), the spa and the flow rider.

let's stop for a second and talk about those last two because you don't want to miss out on those...

the spa - this is mom's little get away while dad and the kids have fun!! they specialize in 15-30 minute services, perfect for a little break! from massage, to facials, hair services to mani/pedis - treat yourself without feeling guilty for leaving your hubby and the kids at home! and then join in on the fun they're having! find them on facebook for up to date offers and discounts!

flow rider - i don't know why i wasn't taking pictures, because this looks so fun! a constant wave allows you to surf and boogie board over and over all in the comfort of the indoors! even if the crazy utah weather isn't sunny and warm, you can still get your surf on! and if that's not something you're into, there are HUGE windows and benches - have a seat and watch the wipe outs! :)

moving on the the upstairs!!

upstairs you'll find 8 lanes of bowling, the awesome ropes course, golf simulators and mini croquet! how's that for a twist on the regular mini-golf?

Caitlin of Cait Create on the last hole

the ball return - see the yellow ball right above the rock?
it's going up up up!
see it now? in the track?
it winds around the post, jogs over a bit and then right back to the desk where you pick up your ball and mallet!

the Provo Beach Resort is family friendly fun despite the weather. they have birthday party packages as well! be sure to check them out soon!! you won't be disappointed!

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Jeanette said...

I walked through the place today. I think my kids are going to go bonkers in there! So many fun and different things to do!