Wednesday, November 9, 2011

well hey there!

wow.  life gets so busy and i quite often get lost in the hustle bustle of it all.  :)

lately i've been working a lot (sewing and planning for my shop) with Brittany of Love Stitched.  she's UH-MAZING if you didn't know.  she and i go waaaaay back to the good ol days of hair school in '03 when we wore all black 5 days a week and played with hair all the time.  ;)  love her!

there are some BIG and FUN changes in the works and i'm so excited to be working on it right now!  when it's ready, you'll be sure to know!!  :)

other fun things going on for me right now are planning a trip to Hawaii to see my cute little brother-in-law get married, making major changes in my eating habits, and finally starting to find the balance of 'work' and regular life.  so many things are falling into place lately and it's nice to not feel so out of control and crazy.  i know my husband appreciates not being on the back burner anymore.  :)

i always thought i was good at time management.  apparently not.  i was having a really hard time balancing time for sewing/planning for THE SHOP, HOUSEHOLD duties (laundry, dishes, everyday cleaning), being a MOMMA to my babies, and being a WIFE to my husband.  it was all a lot of small things that piled up and finally kind of blew up in my face.  that's when i really realized i don't know what i'm doing and need help.  enter Brittany.  :)  she told me flat out what i needed to do, how i could do it and pointed out some things to fix, all of which would help me achieve the happy medium i was looking for.

and it's working!!

i'm happier, less stressed.  my husband and kids are happier - we have more QUALITY time together.  things are getting planned and done for the shop.  and while it isn't perfect yet, i'm in a better spot overall and that is making the biggest difference.

i feel so blessed with loving friends and family that support me and help me along the way and help me make my dreams come true!

**i contribute to posts over here if you're interested in other crafting stuff!  :)**

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Marci said... did i not know about her??
will she help me?! i feel all of those same things. and feel like i am FAILING 99% of the time at all of those things.;D
can't wait to see the new exciting stuff! tell me a little in advance so i can spotlight you on dandelion farm girl ok?? let me get the scoop.:D