Monday, November 21, 2011

La Jolla Groves - The Shops at the Riverwoods

La Jolla Groves in the Shops At the Riverwoods is one of my new favorite restaurants in Provo.  Owner and executive chef, Kent Anderson, knows exactly what he's doing!  Also the owner of Malawi's (in the Shops at the Riverwoods as well), Chef Kent creates his amazing dishes with super fresh ingredients, local when possible, that result in food that really fill and satisfy.
The restaurant itself was designed to resemble a lemon grove and it does just that.
Everything feels refined and exquisite without going overboard.  Reasonably priced, you won't find your wallet empty from just one meal here.  La Jolla Groves has repeat guests that come for dinner one evening, and return for lunch the next day!
La Jolla Groves appeals to me most because I.  Love.  LEMONS.
I'm not totally sure why that is, but I always have and this lemon bundt cake with caramelized sugar dome absolutely hit the spot!  Sweet, but still tangy like lemon should be (in my own opinion) and just the right size that I don't feel horrible eating the whole thing myself.  ;)

 Back to the beginning of the meal...  the appetizers were delicious as well.  Artichoke dip and crusty bread (pictured), fresh tomato slices with mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinegar... I didn't try anything I didn't like!

 Watermelon Mint Salad

 The entrees... oh the entrees!
This salmon was so delicious!
These steak medallions were DIVINE!
While I like the flavor of steak, I don't usually eat it because I hate how it gets stuck in my teeth.  True story.  This steak, however, was pure perfection!  Deliciously tender, amazing flavor... ooh, I wish I had some right now!

If you need a date night with your hubby, get yourself a babysitter (you'll want to be able to really enjoy the flavors in everything without distraction) and enjoy the quiet, fresh ambiance that is La Jolla Groves.

(and then do some shopping at Blickenstaffs & Zion's Mercantile and finish with yum ice cream from Ike's!) ;)

Find La Jolla Groves on Facebook to see what their latest specialties are!

**all photos courtesy of Bryce Olsen Photography**

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I love love LOVE La Jolla Groves. Yum!