Monday, November 21, 2011

Blickenstaffs - Utah's BEST Vintage Candy Store

 Blickenstaffs is one of my very favorite vintage candy stores!

They really do have something for everyone!  The idea behind the store is to have a place where old and young alike can go together and have a flood of childhood memories come rushing back and to create new ones TOGETHER.

I love the vintage feel with the perks of seeing new and fun things as well!  Now you can even shop online!!

 Be sure to check the Blickenstaffs blog and get ready for the 12 Days of Christmas when they'll have a specific item in the store that some lucky customer will receive for FREE, each day!  On the first day, one lucky person will get the designated item.  On day 2, there will be TWO winners!  Day 3, three winners, and so on, until the 12th day when they'll be giving out TWELVE FREE ITEMS!!  How perfect is that!?  So be sure to check out the blog for all the details and to scope out what the chosen item will be so you'll know if you want to make the trip!

Blickenstaffs is an amazing store that you definitely don't want to miss out on!  There are so many options in just one store that can't be beat!  Family games, games good for road trips, fun flash cards, toys, candies and sweets, puzzles, ride-on toys... the list goes on and on!  So bundle up your family, grab Grandma and Grandpa and head on down to Blickenstaffs in the Shops at the Riverwoods and see what memories you can make together.

Find Blickenstaffs on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube!!

ALSO, don't forget BLACK FRIDAY at Blickenstaffs when the WHOLE STORE will be **20% OFF!!**

**all images courtesy of Bryce Olsen Photography**

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