Monday, November 21, 2011

Ike's - Utah's Best Ice Cream

 Ike's ice cream is located just inside the Provo Beach Resort with Utah's best ice cream!  They carry Blue Bell ice cream that is amazingly tasty!  Never mind that the weather is turning frightful and chilly, ice cream this delicious should be enjoyed year round!
 Caitlin of Cait Create, myself & Janae of Pink Moss

Built to resemble a 50s diner, Ike's little corner of the Provo Beach Resort is just what Grandma and Grandpa will remember from when they were younger.  Complete with black and white flooring, shiny red bar stools, an old fashioned Coke machine with bottles of Coke and good old fashioned customer service with a smile!

**all images courtesy of Bryce Olsen Photography**

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