Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One-of-A-Kind Custom Order for Chris

my friend Chris found this awesome saying
and we made it into a purse :)

not sure if you knew this,
but i've got a thing for a good mustache ;)

the small detail work was well worth the time
for the end result

one zippered pocket
(new for me)

and of course a patch pocket for phone, pens, etc.

i LOVE custom orders!!

have something in mind that you've always wanted
but that no one carries/makes??

yeah, me too.
let's get together on that, shall we? :)

ohlittlemookie at gmail dot com


The WholeFamDamily said...

you're so crafty! that's a funny saying, hahaha!
i need a freakin' sewing machine, i mean really, i have 4 girls there is SO much i could be making, sigh...

(maybe you could teach me how to actually use one? hahahahaha)


Sophia said...

this turned out SO awesome!!