Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the 'mookie' behind Little Mookie

crazy, floofy hair always does what it wants
and we're absolutely growing it out long and shaggy!

i could just eat his face!
i love this boy!

his shirt says
cause he is
(and yes, i had to look at the picture to spell it) :P

most precious boy in my heart
{my cup runneth over}

that's as far as he wanted to go
and i shoved him in to that point

1 comment:

The WholeFamDamily said...

um, i shall eat him for dessert, thank u. ;D did i ever tell you my hubby's nickname for me is Mookie? so i giggle everytime i see u call him mookie, hahaha! but he has 5000 nicknames for me, mookie is one of them, and so is jonathon, mooshie, mammogram, jamison, babs, masti, pretty much whatever pops into his head he's a nickname kind of guy, he gives everyone one...or 20. ;D (and no there is no rhyme or reason to his nicnames or significant value to his nicknames picks, he just says whatever pops into his head, hahaha)