Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hottie tottie Auddy :) (and other things)

i'm behind on blogging the things i've been up to.
surprise, surprise! (not)
but here's a short, to-the-point recap

mookie is still the cutest and most adorable little man i know
he loves to give me hugs & kisses while eating breakfast - precious
and this morning, he crawled into my lap, wrapped his still oh-so chubby arms around my neck, patted me on the back and then gave me kisses all on his own!
you're jealous, i know.

(sorry, it was kinda dark this morning)
when i got back from running this morning,
these little (drama) queens were in my bed
love my sweet sweet girls

i found a hat pattern that i LLOOOOVVEE!
deep enough to come down over my ears!
i hate shallow hats.
coolest part??
they are 100% upcycled!!
every bit of that buckness is from clothes that my bff/model no longer fits in
because she's getting S-K-I-N-N-Y!!
she's lost 50 pounds so far and not stopping!!
i'm so proud!!

now, for hottie tottie Auddy...
she's my buddy bud that asked me to make her a "surprise zippered pouch"
and this is what my brain came up with.
gimme one sec whilst i pat myself on the back YET AGAIN
because i L-L-L-LOVE it!!

it has so many things that i love
houndstooth. gray. yellow. floral. and a bow tie.

then i made this sweet little ruffled card holder
business cards. store cards. i.d. whatever.

love it!!

want one??
i'll totally make you one too!
zippered pouches are $13 in the shop
(free shipping code SCHOOL)
and card holders are not yet listed but i'll whip one up for ya for $7 shipped!
shoot me an email at ohlittlemookie (at)gmail(dot)com

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Andy & Melissa VanDenover said...

OH MAN!!! I LOVE AUTUMN'S ZIPPERED POUCH!!!! I can't wait to get my cardholder!!! And I LOVE my upcycled hat!