Wednesday, July 11, 2012

where am i going with this??

i don't usually sit and watch tv.  i have issues with sitting and doing nothing.  i have to be doing SOMEthing almost always.  so if i'm watching tv, more than likely i'm checking emails on my phone, working on a sewing project, doing a puzzle, eating something... that type of thing.  all of that aside, my hubs had a late night soccer game and while he was gone, i tried to clear out some of my recorded shows on the DVR.  SMASH happened to have several episodes i hadn't watched yet.

now, i don't really love the show itself.  i mostly watched them just so i could delete them.  i can't just delete without watching.  i feel like i'm missing out on something.  in one of the episodes, a bunch of the characters are stressed out and they decided they will go to church.  this is the song they sing and i'm HOOKED on it.  HOOKED i tell you!

yes, it's gospel music, and i don't mean to get on a churchy soap box.  if it's not your thing, that's ok!  we can still be friends!  i have several friends who are NOT churchy at all and we're super close.  not that any of that matters.  that's not where i'm trying to go with this.

where am i trying to go with this...  music moves me.  different kinds, styles, genres, artists.  i have a wiiiiide variety on my ipod and this is my current favorite.  for one thing, it makes me want to dance.  i've never been a dancer, but i am in the safety and privacy of my own home.  ;)  for another thing, it moves me in my heart.  there have been many times that i've felt like i didn't know what to do.  i was confused and "stuck" not knowing who to turn to for advice.  the lyrics of this song 'speak' to me in those times n ow that i think back. and even now when i feel like i'm the best ME i've ever been, it helps me keep myself focused on what i, personally, believe.

so if you come by my house and hear this song playing, be sure to get out your smart phone because i can almost guarantee that i'm dancing around like a fool with no idea what i'm doing.  :)

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Defa Family said...

I actually loved this show. It's the only show that I made sure I watched on Monday night. I remember this episode and I love the song. Thanks for your thoughts!