Wednesday, July 18, 2012

back in the day...

i was looking thru posts on my private family blog and found this one from the day (or thereabouts) i went to lunch with Brittany and ended up creating my etsy shop and starting this blog.  :)  it's another good reminder that i'm doing what i love.  :)

January 28, 2011

it seemed like it was going to be a normal day in the life of me when i set out for MOLLY'S (favorite restaurant in Provo - check it out if you know what's good for ya!) on wednesday this week.

met my long-time, awesome friend & photographer Brittany for lunch. delicious. and now, all of a sudden, i have an etsy shop.

how did this happen in an hour's time??? well, i'm not sure, but i CAN tell you that i am BEYOND excited about it! it's still so new and nothing is posted or listed, but the idea wheels are a-turnin' and i can't seem to get things done fast enough! household chores and eating are making their way to the bottom of my "to-do" list.

i also started a new blog for it. little mookie is the name, random crafting my game. named for my little man. i tried really hard to find a name that encompasses all of my kids, but it was just too much. i didn't want it to be a mouth full of word vomit that would be too difficult to put to memory. or your google reader.

as far as the "picture a day"stuff... let's be honest. you and i both knew it wasn't going to last. i'm just not good at doing something every day. which maybe isn't a good sign for my etsy???

either way, i've been wanting to do this for a long, long time. thought about it MANY a time and just didn't have the motivation, inspiration or kick in the pants to actually go thru with it! (thank you Brittany!) but it's here, it's now, it's a work in progress and i love it. :)

wish me luck!!!

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Ever there said...

cant get the pictures for this tutorial, could you help?