Friday, April 1, 2011

this weekend i will be...

sewing the day away!!

making these little cuties...

and little lovlies like this!

all to be in the shop this weekend!
fair warning that the pictures might stink since the weather in utah is supposed to turn ugly tomorrow and sunday.
(after 2 days of beautiful! i got a really sweet sunburn!)
just sayin.

do you ever feel like your "to do" list NEVER gets any shorter??
my list consistently has 6-7 things on it.
seems like once i check off one or two things, something else always comes up.
why is that?

it's annoying right now.
i just want to get caught up!


so fingers crossed that i'll get in so really good sewing time in the next 2 days!!
if hubs has to work, i'm callin my momma to come to my aid with the kiddos!
(he better not be working tho!)

what are YOU doing this weekend???

1 comment:

Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Yea for major-sewing weekends! :) I need to plan one for myself, seriously, my "to make" list is getting out of control! ;) I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister tomorrow - so today it's all about finishing up a few presents and cooking up some yummy food! :) Enjoy your sewing time! :) Michelle